Why Do We
Use Blockchain?

To ensure transparency and digital security for the TREECYCLE project

Benefits of the Blockchain

At their core, blockchain systems are interconnected networks of computers that work to execute transactions, update transaction records (ledgers), and maintain system security in a decentralized way.

  • Transparent

  • Secure

  • Efficient

Blockchain technology enables us to create secure, transparent and innovative digital assets (tokens) that can be safely stored or traded throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking systems.

Sustainability at every step

In contrast to energy and resource-intensive Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains, such as Bitcoin, TREECYCLE uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol which ensures transparency, security, and speed while operating in an efficient and ecologically friendly manner.
In fact, our PoS Blockchain protocol uses 99.5% less energy/transaction than the Bitcoin blockchain
Both our TREE and TXC tokens are built on the IGNIS (child-chain) of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ARDOR blockchain.


The first of its kind: a next-generation digital asset directly linked to a real, underlying hybrid eucalyptus tree.
Token holders are entitled to a 90% share of net harvest profits over an investment cycle of 22 years.


TXC powers our TreeConomy – a fairer, more sustainable economic system. Join our growing community and support ethical and sustainable agriculture and trade.
TXC tokens are currently offered as a bonus with the purchase of TREE tokens.


Both our TREE and TXC tokens are based on a sustainable and environmentally friendly blockchain system that uses 99.5% less energy than the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ardor Ignis - Our Sustainable Blockchain

The ARDOR blockchain is based on the successful NXT blockchain, which was launched as the first proof-of-stake (low-energy) blockchain protocol in 2013.

ARDOR has introduced a suite of features that further improve network transaction processing speed, scalability, and network security.

The ARDOR system consists of a single “parent” chain (ARDOR) which is responsible for network security and processing and a series of “child” chains that can be customized to fit project/business needs while ensuring conformity with the logic and security of the ARDOR parent chain.

The TREE Token
The first digital hardwood asset in the world

For one TREE you receive the proceed of one physical tree. The TREE is a digital asset collateralized by a physical tree and is safely stored for you on the Ardor Blockchain. Each TREE you acquire assures you the right to participate in the proceeds of the consigned eucalyptus – the fastest-growing hardwood tree in the world.

TREE Cycle of Life® – Increasing profitability

The TREE Cycle of Life® creates a natural compound interest effect. It ensures that the earning power of a TREE increases many times over and that the harvesting cycles become more frequent, eventually resulting in annual profit-sharing.

Maximum Security, thanks to Blockchain Technology

Implementation via blockchain ensures security, transparency, flexibility and speed. The ownership structure is clearly defined.

Lifelong maintenance guarantee

Your TREE guarantees the lifelong maintenance of the deposited trees. This includes Soil acquisition, soil preparation, cultivation, planting, care and harvesting, as well as selling of the wood. You invest, we manage, for a lifetime.

Flexible liquidity

Real estate and owned forest land not easily converted into liquid funds short-term. You can trade and sell your TREE as needed simply by using the exchange.

A hereditary asset

Our TREE is an inheritable asset and can be passed on and signed over like shares or real estate.


TXC is our digital currency within our TreeConomy. The TXC is our payment token and is to be used for payments within our TREECYCLE ecosystem. For every single eucalyptus tree – i.e. every TREE, in which you invest, you will receive 5 TXC/TREE as a starter bonus.

TXC - Your EXTRA chance free of charge

The more people buy our TREE and use the TXC as a means of payment in the future, the more the value increases.

1 TREE = 100 TXC

For 1 TREE, only 100 TXC are issued in total. This means that the number of TXC is directly related to the number of trees planted and cannot be artificially increased and therefore non-inflated.

Our gift for you

With the purchase of each TREE, you get 5 TXC/TREE as a Free Bonus. This sets the value at €0.21 per TXC.

Our goal: The TreeConomy

The TXC is used as a means of payment within the TREE Ecosystem.