An investment in TREECYCLE means:


Exclusive access to the established and profitable international timber market


Profit distribution begins after the 4th year and compounds with each following year


The TreeCycle of Life™ compound growth system provides 4x ROI over an initial 22 year investment period


10% of profits go directly to the preservation and regeneration of native forests


Our sustainable blockchain system ensures transparency and security for all transactions

An investment in TREECYCLE means:

How it works

Choose the amount of TREE you want to begin with.
Each TREE is legally linked to a real eucalyptus tree by means of a blockchain-powered security token
We take care of the growing until the trees are ready to be harvested and sold
Our TreeCycle of Life ®️ creates a sustainable process of reforestation while protecting native flora and fauna
40% of profits go directly to the investor
Profits are distributed at regular intervals over a 22-year period in EUR, USD, or TXC tokens
10% is donated to local charities and social projects
Preserving native ecology & culture, and supporting the technological & financial growth of local populations
The remaining 50% is automatically used to start a new TREE CYCLE OF LIFE®️
In this way, we ensure a long-term compound growth process that is scalable and sustainable

Use the calculator to check how many TREE you want to start with


TREECYCLE is sustainable for everyone. It is a movement to achieve a change in awareness in the field of capital investment. Through earned profits, TREECYCLE wants to give back to the world and build bridges between ecology and economy. The goal is to make the world greener, by encouraging investment in trees and their sustainable growth.

The investment in eucalyptus trees is implemented by our digital asset, TREE. Through the gradual development of new business areas, TreeCoin is established as a new payment method and introduced as currency within the TreeCoin economy. All of our employees and cooperation partners are to be partially compensated in TreeCoin, for example.

The aim for the near future is to reforest an area of about 12,500 hectares with 10 million trees. TREECYCLE wants to help preserve the world for future generations.

The TREECYCLE project creates an ecosystem by using TREE (asset tokens) which include the right to benefit from timber sales. In addition, with TreeCoin (payment token) as currency, a means payment method is created within its own ecosystem. Thus the TreeCycle project establishes an ecosystem using blockchain technology to add value for all participating parties.

Investors can directly participate in the profitability of our eucalyptus trees. Many investors around the world are successfully investing in land in Paraguay. Seeing its success so far, we are looking for ways to make this form of investing accessible to a broader group of small and private investors.

The implementation of the project started with a pre-token sale and an HTO (hybrid token offering). The general goal is to plant as many trees as possible.

The HTO will be ending by a certain date and not by selling a set amount of TREE. After a successful HTO TREE and TreeCoin are generated by a Genesis process on our blockchain. The more funds are raised, the better for the project, as it will lead to a larger number of planted trees.