We combine a security token and a payment token. For each security token “TREE” one physical tree is planted in Paraguay. With each TREE the investor receives 50 TreeCoins, which will be available on the market to be used like all other blockchain based tokens.


After the HTO, based on the total investment amount, both TREE and TreeCoin are created by a genesis process on the Ador blockchain . This took place on 09/16/2020. 10Mio TREE and 1Mrd TreeCoin were generated.

The output of tokens is the innovative new way to create a token by selling a limited quantity of TREE (security tokens) to its investors. In comparison with other financing instruments such as debt financing or IPOs, this type of fundraising is more transparent, cheaper and faster. The underlying technology was based on other crypto-currencies and in many cases enhanced with new functions and technologies for a broader range of impact.

TreeCoin raises money for its specific project for investors who can participate by receiving tokens. The security token TREE has the properties of an asset; it gives the investor the opportunity to participate in the sale of wood. There is also a PayCoin called TreeCoin (TXC), which is a payment methode to be used in our own developed economy. Investors buy TREE and eeach one has the value of one tree that has been grown over 22 years. Each TREE has a purchase price of 23 USD and is has a ratio of 1:100 to the paired payment token TreeCoin.

Investors do not receive any right to claim land, property or other assets, rather solely the profits made by reforestation in Paraguay. Thus the owner of TREE acquires a right to 40%, which, like explained above, is distributed at each cycle. All distributed profits are paid in TreeCoin. The ticker symbol is TXC.

In addition to the TREE the investors receive TreeCoins free of charge as a bonus. 50% of TreeCoins and TREE are distributed among its investors via AirDrop. The remaining 50% of the coins remain in the company to cover salaries of plantation workers and to pay and distribute dividends.

TREE is only tradable on stock exchanges, that are approved for secured tokens. It is also always possible to exchange TreeCoin for the exchange implemented by ARDOR itself for ARDOR & IGNIS (Ardor’s Blockchain Based Token) or others on this blockchain to exchange accessible crypto currencies. TreeCoin is transferable as soon as the token is listed on exchanges.

With TreeCoin you protect nature on the one hand while you secure money at the same time. We guarantee that your token works ethically, ecologically and sustainable.